Problem with media files {"getasset":"","error":"No such asset exists for project"}

I upload photos to the project and they don’t appear after I call them. After a review in the media, I found that they do not seem to exist. How do you solve this problem. How do you even deal with all the bugs that appear mysteriously?

All the pictures that were on the screens that I save were broken. They cannot be deleted and cannot be replaced. Any idea how to overcome this?

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You need an assistant from one of the Thunkable team to reset some codes within the project to make it work again.

@domhnallohanlon , @jane , @goutham Would you assist in correcting my problem?

I’m having the same problem.
Someone got it to work?

And I’m still waiting for one of the staff to do something.

Hi there,

I have sent you a message on Intercom asking for this project’s URL.
I can try resetting its assets once you have shared this with me.


an update about project icon: duplicating project fix both icon projects

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