No update at Canvas mode

Hello everyone.

I have a problem with Canvas. When I upload pictures or sprites, there is no update. I can see changes at “Design” mode, but nothing at “Canvas tab”.

Look. I uploaded the background picture. But there is no picture in this mode.

But at Design mode I can see it.

Console in Canvas mode.

Can you post a link to your project and a link to download the background picture?

Yes, here is my project


I would try a hard refresh of the browser tab or clearing the cache in your browser.

This is the web preview:


And this is from Thunkable Live on an iPhone 11:

And the Canvas tab for Stage1:

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Thanks but ctrl+shift+R isn’t working. Many people have this problem.
Try to create new project with drag and drop builder and add canvas. Then try to apply background image to him. It isn’t working only if you’ll create new project.
You’re right, canvas usually starts display background image a few hours later. But not at the moment that I need.

I’m not saying it isn’t happening for you… just that I can’t recreate it.

Here’s a brand new project using your image as a stage background picture. It previews/Live Tests correctly.

What happens when you try my project?

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Your project works good.
My project is not(

Can you start a new project? Maybe there’s just a problem with your existing project.

Hi @codeclass.supp3ne, we’re sorry to hear you are having trouble. Many thanks to @tatiang for offering suggestions on how to fix this. We have sent your issue over to our engineering team to also investiage. Please keep an eye out here for any further updates!

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Yes. I have this problem at all projects.

Okay, thank you.