Redirect URL in Webviewer makes the new URL About:Blank

I am using the webviewer and am trying to click on a url to redirect. It works on some hyperlinks, but not the ones that I have as href in my html code. I am able to click on the hyperlinks in Chrome or Safari and it redirects to that url without any problem, but when doing this in my application it forwards me to a blank screen and then the URL becomes About:Blank.

Has anyone had this issue before? I could really really use some help.

I’m not sure if I’m able to offer a tip or donation to the individual that solves this issue, but if I can there’s definitely an incentive for it. 911 emergency status, could really use the help!

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Can you give an example of a URL that does not work with the webviewer?

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It will be very hard for anyone to guess what’s wrong without seeing your code.

If the other links work then you know it’s either your code or the way your app resolves the URL.

even though if you enter the correct URL, the site settings maybe told to be opened in new tab. it can work with buttons, but not hyperlinks for sure. we’ll cal @domhnallohanlon and @allThunkers for sure.

please don’t ask problem that some times work and won’t work for thunkable, please post @Thunkablestaff for help

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Thank you for your response. I believe your answer is correct, the site settings are overriding the html code I have in place.

you can continue your app, but note it only redirects with buttons.

Thank you. So weburls will work fine, but redirects (that lead to about:blank) will only work when used in buttons? Are there any workarounds for this that you’re aware of?

yes, it can work when you go to the site you can find it in settings