Recent changes and their effects

Since the recent changes (I presume to make to api 26)

Back button quits app (this never happened before and we don’t have blocks for back button)

Height of things.
I had made a couple of rows 1 pixel high (a quick way of making a line I thought) - they’re now about 30 pixels when testing

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I’d also like an answer/fix/workaround for this. since the API 26 update, android doesn’t like my app any more and there are element height issues and missing back buttons on the header bar.

My apologies. We are still working on the issues that resulted from the changes that we had to make to support the Android target API 26. We did a fairly major change to our underlying technological base in order to support that change which should also help accelerate other new features in the future. However, as you have noticed, it did cause some unforeseen bugs.


thanks for the update. i understand. i’m excited for the new features!

I need to navigate between screens in Android. How can i solve this?