Issues with spacing on Android devices

having a bunch of issues on android with vertical spacing ever since this update 5 months ago. Is this ever gonna be fixed?

iOS is fine… (

android is not… ( )

Hi @IWS,

Are you using the default spacing or setting it to a specific value?

tried all combinations of all settings. android is always messed up and ios is always perfect. see the example project link i posted for demo of the actual code/settings involved.

Sometimes typing in a 0 for all margins and spacing helps on Android. We made a fix a few months ago for this to happen by default but if this is a previously created project, that manual work might be necessary.

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omg that was it… the Screen -> Advanced -> Spacing -> Padding top… all the spacing are all grey 0 default but explicitly typing in 0 fixes the issue on android. wow. but i can also confirm this still happens on brand new projects created today…

Thanks for confirming – will look into fixing this (since we thought we did before). Apologies for the confusion.

thanks for the help!

any progress/updates on fixing the back arrow on stack navigator not showing on android? also the hardware back button on android closes the app to the home screen instead of going back a screen.

Yes, any update on missing back arrow?

This is great! just what i need to fix my screen thanks!