Real huge issue not saving projects

Recently I experienced that Thunkable X is not saving changes several times… This was once the reason why I abandoned Thunkable Classic because I could not work on any project without having to worry that the changes that I just worked hours on might not even be saved.

Now exactly the same problem affects Thunkable X as well. When I wondered why my companion was never updating with the changes I did, I realized that a refresh of the Thunkable Website results in losing all the changes I made in a certain period of time. It affects blocks as well as components and this is really something that could keep me from continuing to use the platform…

I use Safari 13.0.3 (15608. on Mac OS 10.15.1 but I have no problems with any other website and when I hit the “Test Live” button the companion does seem to reload but it does not update the content since the website does not even save it :worried:

I hope this is fixed soon because I can’t work with a service where I never know if my changes are stored and cannot even download my data as well…

Best, Chris

I am experiencing this also using the same computer setup! Sometimes it takes up to 10-minutes without making any changes sometimes before the changes in the Live app after hitting “test live” repeatedly.

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Hopefully it’s not a Safari thing, but can you try (with a demo project!) on Chrome and see if that helps in any way @jared and @Chris?


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I will try this and report back!

…30-seconds later… I got the same results. Only after i pressed live test 5 times and changed the appearance of a button did my live app update.

I will continue to work in Chrome to see if I stumble upon the same issue… Unfortunately it does not seem to be project related and quite random so it might take some time to check if the problem appears in Chrome as well…

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I feel like when this occurs, more often than not, I am working in a screen with a lot of block code.

Thanks again for reporting this @jared @Chris, we really appreciate your feedback.

Hopefully though, you can imagine how hard it is for us to track down this error given how unpredictable it is to reproduce.

Do you know how to save your console output? If it happens again perhaps you could share this with us too?

if you can provide a description i will do that!

I love the support provided by you and the rest of the Thunkable staff!

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Thank you!

I’m not so sure these pictures are 100% up to date, bit the steps are virtually the same.