Radio buttons in modal window


the listview is good but I would like to make choices in another way by using radio buttons that are displayed in a modal window like alerts
I browsed the forum but i found nothing about displaying a modal window which awaits the choice of the user

Hi @bibbi, do you have an example you could share of what you want to replicate?


i would like reproduce something like that :slight_smile:

Capture d’écran 2022-11-10 à 15.51.50

You can make that with clones but it won’t pause the rest of the components. So you’d have to manually change a variable value and have each component check that value before responding. Unfortunately, there is no way to turn off button click effects (why?!) so you’d have to disable any buttons which would change their appearance.


I think I will consider this widget another time (I displayed my radio buttons in different rows)
on the other hand, I would like to master the forms that extend over more than the height of the telephone
I use the scrollable parameter of a column that I fill with components it worked for about ten rows but when I duplicated this block of 10 rows (to simulate the addition of others components)
everything was blocked I no longer saw the scrollbar
i put the column in fixed height it did not change anything
maybe you have a good way to do this…

thank you

I’d have to see your project. I can’t figure it out just from your description.


here is the link :

the blocks 2 and 3 stands for other components i would like to add in the same scrollable column

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