Anybody wants to help me with scrolling windows. Make some cash?

Im willing to pay for help with my scrolling windows. I give up, I can’t figure it out. I also need to implement web viewer to display a http Form hosted at my server.

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Hi @Carlos_Bieberach, what do you mean by scrolling windows? You mean like you want to be able to scroll through screens or you want something on your screen to be scrollable?

Thank you for responding.

I have a screen where i create several buttons via clone. It worked great until i touch something and now it only scrolls a little bit only showing 70% of what it showed before.

I have tried for 2 weeks to fix it.

Im willing to pay for your assistance.


in the column or row where the buttons are cloned, you have to set it as Scrollable, and leave the height blank. then let me know how it worked

I had this happen to me as well. I had a main column that was scrollable and to columns in that column that were visible or hidden depending on the user.

When the second inner column was visible I had to make it scrollable and not make the main column scrollable through the blocks. This fixed it for me.

Thank you Fernando. It worked !! It was a combination of 3 columns one inside another. Thanks.

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Thanks. Mine are all visible but there are 3 columns inside each other. I played with scrollable and non-scrollable until it worked. Thanks !!