Radio app stream title in locked screen ios


I created a radio streaming application, everything works perfectly by looking at some tips on this forum I was able to succeed with the webviewer technique so that my radio stream can continue to play even after locking my phone, everything works fine even on android! On the other hand on ios, when I lock my screen, I have the name of the link of my radio stream that is displayed (see photo attached), this is not very aesthetic I would like the name and slogan of my radio can be displayed there (and even the logo if possible on the cover).

Do you have an idea ?

Thank you in advance !

Here is the link to the stream:

Here is the link of the project: Thunkable

lock screen :

Thanks to you, and long life to thunkable :slight_smile: !

Hey @nathanf74, congrats on making this much progress with your app

Just wondering where iOS is getting this filename/URL from? Is there some alt text or title property that you could set in you HTML that would take precedence here?

Hello :slight_smile:

Ios takes the direct name of my url link, but I would like to display something else, so I tried to put the mp3 file in an html page and I put a title in head balise, but it does not work since the webviewer does not allow not the autoplay on the mp3 player in my page …

thank you in advance


Got it, thanks!

Unfortunately I’m not sure if there is a way to change this.

I assumed from your first post that you were already using the webviewer?