Question about using the new Device blocks on Android devices

The new components do not work in Android

Thanks for flagging this @point - I’ll check this myself now.

Can you let us know what version of Android you’re on, whether you’re live testing or installing the apk and if you see any error code/message when you press the buttons.


I’m using Galaxy note 8
and the app crashes when I turn it on

Android 8.0.0

Hi @point

I’ve tried a couple of different ways, both live testing and installing the APK and all of these work fine for me.

Here’s my project file in case it helps:

Thanks for the help. But can you fix it in the next update?

I’m not sure what you want fixed? It works as expected for me.

Can you explain what’s happening in your app and what you are experiencing to happen please?


@domhnallohanlon I am using a Samsung Note 8 Android version 8.0.0 and your app works for me when I live test it.

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It works for me. But I’m not sure everyone knew it was necessary to create this way

@point for Button1 I use the same approach as you and it works perfectly.