Pull Data from Firebase Differently Based on Unique User

Have connected my thunkable account to firebase for authentication.

What I need is to create a unique view based on signup email. As in, I need to be able to associate David’s login with seeing reports from San Antonio when he clicks the "report " button. But when Andy clicks on "report " he needs to see Houston reports.

I’m thinking there’s got to be a way I can assign permissions in that way from firebase?

Hi @roxxymbrownzysm6o welcome to the community and thanks for posting!!

If I was going to create a system like that which you are speaking of, I would use fire base for user authentication and air table to keep track of all of my other records. Working with air table is much easier. You could use multiple tables save all of your information to air table. Or you could use one table with all of your information on her table and then filter by user. One of your columns could be the city name and then you filtered data that the user will receive based on user email and city name associated with user email.

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Thank you for the great suggestion. I’ll look into airbase.


@roxxymbrownzysm6o did you have any success with this?


I have done what you are talking about. Only I’m pulling information for a student discount card based on the users log in with firebase. I can show you if you are still having problems

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