Publishing in different countries

Hi! I have made an app which I have published in Finland (in Finnish). Now I’ve translated into Danish and Swedish an about to publish it in respective countries. The Swedish version I would also publish in Finland. The app name is obviously the same in all countries but how do I treat version name and version code? The app will be updated in all countries with new information from time to time

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I assume when u were filling your App listing > Pricing & Distribution, u must have set the Country to only Finland.
Now, u want to publish the same app’s update to 3 countries -

  • Finland (default)
  • Denmark
  • Sweden


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When u update, before adding the next version of your App,

Do this :
Here, set the countries to Finland, Denmark & Sweden and click Submit Update.

Now, u are good to go to submit your App’s next version :+1:

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Thanx for the replies. In all countries the apps are individual. The app is made in 3 different languages. In Finland where 2 different languages are spoken, I would want to publish in Finnish and Swedish. Do I use the same version name for both or different?