Multi language support?

Hi, I am wanting to build an app that also has versions in:

  • Farsi
  • Chinese
  • Bahasa (Malay)
  • Spanish
    Is there a way to do this?

Also, how can I publish the app in the app store and play store for those countries?
Is this something that Thunkable supports?

I cannot answer your question about publishing, but in practical terms alone you would most likely need a lot of tweaking of layouts between languages with each app being built in its target language. I don’t think it could be done at the flick of a language setting button.

Your buttons, for example, might need only a few characters of Chinese but 10+ for the same expression in a romanized language like Bahasa. That would mess up layouts and components.

Hey @chrisqqpm, welcome to the community :wave:

This is something you would have to integrate into your app. A great solution is having the user select their language when they first load the app, or in the app settings.

As far as publishing to different countries, both Google and Apple have such options accessible via their respective dashboards.

hello guys. does thunkable support philippine dialects? im planning to do translator app but in philippine dialect. i hope you answer me thank you