Publish multible Language app

I like to publish an app that are in danish but also possible in the app to change the language to English. Is there a special way to publish the app so it will be found in both languages and can I have a english logo if it is found in English. And a danish logo if it is found from Denmark.
Or do I have to publish both apps???

Yes, you can save all your languages label words in a list, and in startup of any page ( when page starts ) load all saved labels individually from the selected language list
In example :
In design screen you added a welcome label named it " WelcomeLabel " and it’s empty " has no words "
when selected English you will : Set label " WelcomeLabel " Text to ( EnglishLabelsList -> WelcomeLabel )
That’s it .

I created a local DB with one line per word with columns for each language, and when I open a screen I set the label with the corresponding field from the local DB picking the content from the specific column

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Thank you both for your reply. But I have made the app with the diff language.
It is in AP store and google play I have the issue.