iOS App published: language settings wrong

Hello there!
I published my German iOS app in Appstore and everything works fine:-) However, in Appstore under app info -> languages it is written English.
Is it possible to change this information to German (as it may confuse potential users of the app)? I already contacted iOS support and they wrote me the following

“The languages that are listed for your app in the App Store are determined by the localization (.lproj) folders in your app bundle. Missing or invalid localizations in your app bundle are typically caused by misconfigured localizations in your Xcode project.”

Unfortunately it does not help me as the app is a pure thunkable project and I have no access to Xcode…
How can I change the language information for Appstore to German?


Hi @amelie - apologies for the delay getting back to you in relation to this.

Did you ever find a way to do this in the App Store? At the moment there is not option to change the native language attribute for publishing, but I will double check with the team and follow up with you if this is still outstanding.


Hi Domhnall,

thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I could not figure out how to do this in the App Store… with very high probability it is not possible.
It would be great if you could double check with your team. Thank you!


Just to clarify…I am amelie…just couldn`t login again in my account…


Hi @amelie

Sorry to hear this. We’ve updated our sign in process, were you using two different emails?

Perhaps this might help?


Is there an update on whether this has been figured out?

I would love to add multiple language support for my in the future and wondering if it would show up in the App Store.

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hey, guys. is this issue solved? becuz i have same symptom here.
and i got a same e-mail from apple too.
it is not crucial but it bothers me
waiting for the solution. thanks.


Thanks for the reminder @saramdl.gaunde021 (and @nicnok!)

This isn’t something we support at the moment, but we might be able to take a closer look to see how much work would be involved in adding this option.

Unfortunately, I’ve only ever published apps in English. Would you mind sending us on a copy of the email from Apple so we can get a better understanding of this?


oh, i got my e-mail written in Korean.
the message is exactly same as