How do I publish a Payable app?

I like to publish an app that cost 10eur per year.
Do I have to make to different app. One that is free but limited and the other app that is not limited?
Or is it the same app with a trigger that set a variable that ives the app unlimeted acces??
How can I publish an app that both is in Danish and in English?

I’m open to correction on this, but I don’t think you can have subscriptions link this in the app store @funhall

You can definitely have an app that costs €10, but I don’t think €10 per year is possible.

This might be better in a separate question. There are options when publishing on Google Play about where to distribute you app. That’s one way you could use to differentiate your apps?

Idk. The quizlet app charges me 1$ per month, once per year. It’s charged through the credit card linked to the Apple App Store.