How to make a paid version in App store and google play

Hi all.

I have made an app that I am satisfied with and it is published on app store and google play.
Now I like to move further. The published version is limited but I like to publish a premium version. I can do that by setting a variable to premium or a number inside the app. But how do I do that in app store and play???
Hoping someone can help me out here, thanks.
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And do I have to make a new app again for this?

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I’m not sure about this @funhall but - for an Android app at least - I don’t think it’s advisable to do something like this.

I’d imagine that having two separate apks would be the most secure way of doing this.

Do Google or Apple provide any guidance around this? Presumably this is in their best interests, since the more apps you sell the more money they make.

I see what you mean. But there is a lot to keep track on with 2 diff versions on both App store and Google play for the same App. So much easier if I could use the same app and when people buy it either in side the app or apple/google the variable is changed or something else.