Publish a free and then a premium app

Hi, I would publish 2 version of my app, one basic (free) the other premium (with payment).
I knew if I work on a project on thunkable for the basic app (I make apk when I have finished) and then I continue to work with that project to realeses the premium I have the same keystore so I can’t publish the premium app as another app? right?

If anyone have a right method to publish basic and premium version of an app and he/she would share his/her method it would be great…


I’m no pro on coding, but what if you made the entire app as premium. Then lock down parts of the app (the parts you don’t want free users to see) and make them accessible with a key/code that the user would have to put in that would unlock the rest of the app for them.

It’s maybe the best idea I know… but I don’t know how to realize it. For me was great that method and also a time (2 days free then it requires the payment) method.
I want to choose how to proceed with building my app… but I have no information necessary for any method.

Another alternative, build both free and premium apps separate. If a free user wishes to upgrade, send them an email with a limited time link or a limited downloads link to download the premium version. It would simply overwrite the free version for them.

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I think that the easiest way to do what you’re talking about would be to make a copy of your “basic” app and then add your premium features to that copy. You might also want to make a change to the copy’s default “App (Bundle) ID” .


Thanks guys!

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