Publish App to App Store

I coded an app for a coding challange. I am having problems publishing it to the apple store. I am not able to enroll in the Apple developer program. Also, if I were able to, would it cost $100/year or is there a way to do this for free?
Any suggestions would help.

Hi @qaburns014w,

It is $100 per annum for publishing to the App Store. It sounds pricey compared to Google Play which is $25 once off.

There are no discounts on this.

If you are considering getting serious with app development, I recommend enrolling in the Apple Developer Program, with Google Play Developer and purchasing Thunkable Pro.

Since this is only for a challenge you could ask the competition referee if they would allow a direct download link from Thunkable.

Sounds interesting @qaburns014w - what sort of app did you make and what are your motivations for publishing?

As Eoin mentioned, Apple don’t do any sort of discounts or regional pricing, so in your business model you’d want to be earning at least $0.28 per day to break even.

Some organizations might qualify for the fee waiver scheme - but these are the exception rather than the rule.

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