Project chages are not saved

In a quite large project I experience problems saving my changes to the code (blocks), which means that my code is now in a dysfunctional state.

I cannot find a system to the occational succesful save of the project - I am very frustrated right now - but I’m sure there’s a solution.

Please - what can be the problem?

More testing shows that the problem may well be related to having to many blocks/too large source code: when I optimized some legacy code away I was able to add new blocks that were all saved.

It is easy to spot if the save is performed: if the “Live Test” is running, the app on the device will restart for every saved code change. By adding one block at a time it was easy to see that a limit was reached at some time. Removing code blocks at that time made it possible to add more (new) blocks.

So now the question is: is this analysis valid?

If so - what is the code size limit and how will we know if we have reached it?

Sorry for the problem. We don’t have any built-in limits on the code size, so it looks like this is a bug. To help us diagnose it, could you send us a share link to your project at the point that it works but adding one more block makes it no longer work? Feel free to send a direct message to me with the link.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Mark,

At the moment I do not experience the problem as I have refactored some of the code to make it smaller.

However, there might be another issue related to this: Synchronizing source code updates/changes to block are not alwas immediately reflected to the Live Test app.

Maybe the block changes are not saved immediately or even not at all - something holding back the file writing perhaps?

If you see the problem with the project not saving again, please share your project with us so we can try and diagnose it.

As for the delay in synchronization with the Live Test app, that may also have to do with the size of the project. Again, if you can share your project with us, that might help us track down the issue.


tengo el mismo problema,pero no tengo ni un bloque, no puedo ni ordenar dos bloques que ya se me borra todo!!!

¡Hola! Este es un problema conocido en el que el equipo de Thunkable está trabajando. ver esta publicación de @jane