Problems with image file truncation/cropped

Hi, I am a newbie and working on my first thunkable x app.

I am building an app that has a viewer component, that increments a uploaded file by name typically, by adding 1 to the integrer at the end of the filename, e.g. File1.png,File2.png,File3,png etc
The logic works fine, but when I view in a “contained” label 3 of the dozen file are truncated slightly on the bottom edge when viewed in Testflight on Apple app store. The Thunkable test view is fine, and a copy on Android is fine (both phone and tablet). This problem is independent of size of file or height.

I attach 2 images form testflight and testview (how do I add a image file?)

Any help appreciated. The app is called LymEx its on google play store, and currently in test on app store.