Problems with Google Spreadsheet

I have built an app this week with Thunkable and connected it to Google Spreadsheet. It worked, but I wasn’t done with the app so when I added some more functionality the connection with my spreadsheet isn’t working now even though I don’t remember altering that part of blocks. I tried creating an app from scratch again and this time I’m getting a graphql error when syncing with my data.

My login blocks that checks if username and password are from my spreadsheet and then navigates to new screen looks like this:

When something doesn’t work, go back to basics. That means checking to see if you can get a single value from your spreadsheet using a Get Value block (assigned to a label’s text).

Does that work? If so, why are you comparing a text input to a list of values? What are you typing in and what is does your list of all rows in a single column look like? Another way to ask that is: what two things are you hoping to compare?

And how are you verifying that the list of values block is returning what you expect it to be? For example, you could assign that block to a label’s text to display it.

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