GraphQL error: There was a problem fetching the data

I´m getting this GraphQL error, so none of my programs work. Do you know if it is happening with the programs in the play store?

Hello @similar2similar! Glad to see you again!

Here are the steps:

  1. Delete the Table from your Project Data Sources

  2. Delete the Data Viewer List

  3. Add a new Data Viewer List

  4. Click on Add

  5. And then Create NEW

  6. Select again the Table you want to use and click on Create

  7. Then set up again the Data Viewer List’s settings

  8. Finally, test your app

Thank you very much… I’ll do that… but how does it affect the apps in google apps. Do they work properly, or I’ll have to send them again once corrected?

It seems that other colleagues have had this same problem when trying to get data from Google sheets. In my case, the problem occurs when I try to access the table created within Thunkable, because I’m interested in not having to use internet to run the program. But all of the Data were lost, and I’ll need to work with the blocks, once I had done all those steps you suggest too. This is something very bad indeed, because the apps in Google Store don’t work either… And nobody seems to assume responsability… or give any explanation, or at least ask for an apology and try to fix the damage… I always thought that all the data and files that we upload would be perfectly safe. I’m sorry, but I’m pretty pissed off and disappointed to have to redo some apps that I don’t know when or if they will fail again.

Hello @similar2similar!

I understand your frustration. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this issue.

The data are not lost. They should be in your Google sheet. You can copy them to the local table in order to use them without an Internet connection. Are you able to find the Google sheet in your Google Drive?
After you connected again the Google sheet, did you see any error message?

Hi, Ioannis, thank you for your answer, but I was not usin Google sheets,
but the Local Table in Thunkable already. And my List Viewer doesn’t seem to work at all. … and there is not any List Viewer to choose , and the Simple list doesn’t show my lists… I don’t know whose fault is this, but I am not able to make it work like it did before…

Hello @similar2similar :wave:
To add a Data Viewer List you can type this:
Could you please try to connect the data source with a new table and then test the app?
Also, how did you test? Mobile or web?
Are you able to see the data on the local table from the Data sources?

Hi, Ioannis:
I have been using List Viewer for a long time

And it worked

but now it is not an option any more, or I cant find it

and its use is different from the Data Viewer List.
The other question is how could thunkable change my data to this

but anyway it doesn’t work either.
What is happening with thunkable? Can’t we use List Viewer any more, just like that?

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