Problem with API Airtable

Hi guys,

I’m pretty new here and enjoying Thunkable immensely - however, I’m stuck when it comes to doing queries in Airtable.

The situation: I want to filter thousands of Airtable records by name, age group, company code etc. and have built it in Thunkable - and that works, but it takes a lot if time to download all these records and filter them in the app. And I mean: hours.

So, I thought it might be better to create an API to do the filtering in Airtable and only download the selected records to the app. And that is something I can’t master. I’ve read a lot in this community but somehow I can’t even download the records with an API. In the enclosed example, I tried to get a list of just the UserID’s from the records in Airtable. to no avail.

My question: what am I forgetting?



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Check out this post it might have the answer you’re looking for :slight_smile:

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Why are you initializing the Query Parameters part of the web API this way?

Remove it and if the URL is correct then you should get all records in the table referenced in the URL.

Another issue is the code inside the loop is wrong. You should use one of the Lists blocks.


Thank you very much, indeed now I get the output in a JSON-list :-))

Next challenge is to convert that into Thunkable variables to work with.
Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 09.54.54

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Thank you - it seems the links in that topic are inactive.

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Your loop is constructed wrongly. You need to use the green block response instead of the variable in the loop after converting response to an object.

The list should be filled with j variable of the loop.

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