How to read a single record on AirTable and maximum number of screens

Hello and greetings to all.
I developed an app about the history of my city with app Inventor. To extend it to IOS I am considering using Thunkable.
I have doubts and I hope you can help me.

  1. In the app I use MySql through PHP scripts that are stored on my web space. I have brought all the tables in my database to Airtable and would like to try using it. I’m doing a test with Thunkable and I had no problem importing a list with all the records in a table. Instead I didn’t understand how to read a single record. Eg in the table the first field is ‘mokey’ and I would like to extract the record in which ‘mokey’ is equal to a certain value.
    I have made several tests but I have not succeeded. How can I do or where to read something to understand how what should be a simple reading?
  2. Does the app on IOSs work well? without any problem?
    Thank you all for the help you will want to give me.

I did some tests but I’m not happy with the results. It takes a few seconds to get the result (that’s only 500 records …). In the version developed with App Inventor (PHP + MySql) the result is very fast.
Is there any other way to search for a record whose value of the first field I know?

Use Airtable’s filterByFormula. It’s going to be way faster.

See this: The AirTable API (a more efficient way to integrate AirTable with Thunkable)

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Thank you! I’ll do a test today.

The airtable api will always be faster to use. It’s a direct connection to airtable. When Using data blocks, data calls are proxies on a Thunkable server first; then sent to the client. The extra leg in the trip causes delays in getting/posting/editing data. Sure, they’re convenient but they also have drawbacks of use.

Thank you! I did it.
If I use multiple tables, should I create multiple AirTable API objects (one for each table) or set various URLs and parameters each time?

I usually use a single API component and just change the settings as needed using blocks.

Thank you