Problem with Airtable audio+ images (iOS only, works in android)

I have a working app in the android play store (yay!) but when I try to replicate it with iOS there are some issues. This code should, upon user input, pull 5 things from an airtable database: two pieces of text (label of species, label of speaker), two images (species, speaker) and audio (speaker talking). While all 5 pieces show up on android, only the labels show up on iOS. If nothing were showing up, I would assume it was a problem with airtable+iOS, but this seems more like a file size issue? Any suggestions for how to fix this? Thanks so much for your help!

Have you considered replacing the current images with very tiny stand-in in an alternate airtable to validate that it would work for those and clear doubt about this being a file size issue?

I had not thought of that. When I tried it, however, I still had the same problem. Even a tiny (10x10 pixel image) would not show up.

Which seem to indicate that this is possibly not an issue with file size.
Unless you still somehow load the large ones.

That seems reasonable. If it isn’t a file size issue, what else could be causing the problem? Or, is there another way to code this and achieve the same result? Thanks so much for your help.

Same with me bro…

To find out the reason, step-by-step debugging and experimentation are needed. Try uploading files not through AirTable, but through direct links. Are files displayed and played? If not, try assigning WebViewer links to them.

Are you able to provide screenshot of how it looks on android and ios for a start?



Thanks for any help you can provide!

From the Submitter block, remove all blocks associated with the sound component. After that the images are displayed on the iOS screen?

I tried this (and all other combinations) and still no success. Is there an alternative method for keeping images and sounds that are too big to store within the thunkable app?


Do you happen to know the file types of the image and sound files that you are retrieving from Airtable. There are some differences between Android and iOS in what types are supported, especially for sound.


All images are .jpg and all sounds are .mp3

Specifically, is there a way to upload the images and sounds to Cloudinary instead and call them the same way?

Those should generally work the same on iOS and Android.

Cloudinary appears to allow you upload image and audio files to their Media Library in your user console.
Assuming that you then know the Cloudinary URLs for the uploaded images and sounds, just store those URLs directly in Airtable (no attachment would be necessary then). Then just retrieve and use those URLs the same way that you would for any other data in an Airtable.


Okay, I’ll try that - thanks!