Pressing "Back" in Thunkable Live freezes app

I live test app once, then I just click blue BACK button on TL and runs app again, and it freezes on MADE WITH THUNKABLE screen. I click back button on device it closes TL, then I run it again and all goes normally like the first run.
Any app is with this behavior… even a simple one like that:

Android 10, TL v205

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Are you using a Samsung device @lamagalhaes?

No, a Motorola One

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Got it.

I know you’re talking about the blue “Back” button in the top left (and we’re going a bit OT here) but do you have a BackPressed event handler in your app?

In this test project I linked, with only one screen, I don’t have it.
In my other project, I have this block, with no code just to prevent backpress.

Ok, we’ll have to take a look at it.

Are you pressing the “Back” button to swap between several projects will working with Thunkable on your computer?

I don’t know if I understand what you asking, but I’m not using web preview, just in Android app.

Sure, but I’m just wondering why?

When I’m live testing I almost never use this button. You can change projects in your browser, click “Live test” and the new project will appear in the Live App, so you (hopefully) don’t need to press that back button.

I know this, but in my app, I have code for the first access and the next ones.
So I need to run it, login, back to TL e run it again.