Populate data grid, based on a web api response list

I am trying to populate data grids using the list that my api returns. Can anyone tell if that is possible and how.

Hopefully this video may help:

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zdYc8m26eY
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L939Iyq1Cqo

Not really. I am looking to populate the data source of a “data viewer grid” via the response of an API. I tried using a local data source and populating the data source by creating rows when I receive the API response. Here is the code snapshot. Is there any other way?

There are some components you can use from the data viewer grid, if you read them carefully maybe those can help you. If this still doesn’t help I have used multiple different tutorials from thunkable and thunkable x YouTube so maybe you could try them.


I see a lot of tutorials on populating data viewer grid via airtable/google sheets. Also see a lot of tutorials on setting data in list viewer via the api and “set items” block. Can you point me to a specific example of populating data viewer grid via response API?

Instead of using a data viewer list could you use a data viewer list which has more options to control and edit your data?

Unfortunately, data viewer list does not have the layout I need (image with a title). This is so frustrating and such a simple use case that should have been handled from day 1 of conceptualising Data Viewer Grid. Someone please give a hack/workaround!!

Sorry I don’t think i can help you any further but I’m sure someone else can help you, Will