API Data in List Viewer


I am a complete beginner with Thunkable but got quite a lot experience with other tools.
I am trying to list API-Data in a list viewer. So far, I managed to get the Data from the API but there is only one item being displayed in the list viewer. I know this is due to the “get last or get first of” in the “in list item” but I have no idea how to loop through the response-data of the API. I tried different things but nothing worked.
The json-data looks like this:
“response”: {
“results”: [
“Adresse”: “Grinzinger Str. 50, 1190 Wien”,
“Bewertungen”: 20,
“Name”: “FRANCESCO Grinzing”,
“Adresse”: “Grinzinger Str. 1, 1190 Wien”,
“Bewertungen”: 2,
“Name”: “L’Osteria Wien Grinzing”,

My block logic looks like this:

Please help me, to get all Data displayed in the grid viewer.
Thanks, Stefan


“results” is an array of objects, and arrays are looped through “for each item in list” block.


thanks for your answer. I know, that its an array of objects but I need help looping through it…it just doesnt work, because I dont know, how to do it.

Can you help me?

If you give me a link to your project, then I will help.


Check it.


Thank you very much for your help!!! :slight_smile:

actech - your solution is great for data that is in a list within a property, but I’m trying to apply this concept to a data set that is a list from the very first part of the object.

ex: http://dataservice.accuweather.com/locations/v1/cities/search?apikey=9KUjWtqGJtYd7CAEz5EqkpUziLrjI6XN&q=boston

From this data I am trying to grab the latitude and longitude of just the first city listed. But, my solution (based on your design) is getting stuck. Here is a screenshot of my code

. (FYI: My ultimate goal is to take a user entered city and put it on the map using longitude and latitude.)

You are refering to a variable I am not sure is correct, that being J

You need to be parsing the JSON, and attaching the RESPONSE instead of J. Try that.