Poll: Contacting Support Staff

[ This only applies to Pro, Business and Team users ]

I’m curious about the experience other users are having with reaching support staff. This is not meant to be a rant since when I do reach staff, they are helpful but I’m genuinely wondering if others have the same experience I do. It used to be straightforward and quick to start a new chat message about an issue. But now I find I have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get to that point.

What is your experience when trying to reach support staff?

Please check all that apply:

  • It’s easy to reach support staff
  • It’s difficult to reach support staff
  • I find it easy to send a chat message about my issue
  • I find it difficult to send a chat message about my issue
  • I prefer to chat with support staff
  • I prefer to email support staff

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Haven’t used the direct support for long that I feel my contribution would not reflect the current situation.

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This is helpful. The settings should be such that any user can start a conversation at any time.

I’ll log in with a pseudo account and do some investigating.

It’s not supposed to be hard at all :cry:


my experience from a free account

I am the only person that runs Intercom (for the most part) and I usually only man it between 9AM-5PM EST. Most emails coming into support will also get routed to Intercom.

How long are you having to wait for support in most cases? What hoops are you having to jump through?

This is really helpful to know! Is that written anywhere?

For me, it’s not so much the wait but rather the steps I have to follow to get help. I can see why as a company you’d want to limit free users from taking up tons of staff time but for a Business user (and even a Pro user), there should be a quick, obvious way to submit a ticket. That might be email or chat. In your video, you get the chat bot but it’s not clear at that point if a support rep is going to respond to you or not.

Also, I don’t have the “start typing” prompt/field. I just have this:

Which is why I’m bothered by the experience. It seems like I have to search the help topics before I can submit a question. I’m fairly experienced with Thunkable so the likelihood that documentation is going to resolve my issue is pretty low. I’d rather just skip all that and type in my request and be done with it. I know how to search the documentation if I need to – why am I being forced to do that every time I have a question or issue to report?

By the way, I appreciate that you’re looking into this! :clap:

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Everyone can do it now! Even free users have access to intercom. :slight_smile:

I believe I have turned off the ability to start a new conversation when there is already one that’s still “open”. This reduces the number of people starting more than 1 conversation with intercom at 1 time because in the end, it all comes to me.

The rationale behind this ^^^ is that many users were starting more than 1 convo about the same topic, presumable the assumption was that each message get’s routed somewhere else. This was especially the case over the weekend or at night when someone is almost assuredly not going to answer.

We do include “office hours” but I think they only show when you start a new conversation and a bot, not me, answers you.

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I’m happy to report that I can now use the intercom to send messages. Hooray! Thank you, @jared, for your quick action to fix this.