Thunkable team live chat hours

I hope it’s the right place to ask - does anybody know the hours the chat is supposed to be active?
Thank you

no response? Charging $200/year to go pro and yet no answers to simple questions?

Hi @guyman20

We have a small but dedicated Creator Success team spread out between Taipei, Dublin and San Francisco. We aim to answer most questions within 6 hours or so (some questions, by their nature, will require a little longer and we do, on occasion, sleep) but your experience my vary slightly depending on where abouts in the world you are.

I see from our logs that your first question took a day to respond to (apologies for this, this is because I was flying from SFO to DUB on that date) but that your following 8 questions were answered in 3 - 4 hours.

We know we’re not perfect, but we’re constantly trying to improve too. Just two weeks after your post we launched Thunkabot to handle the most frequently answered questions, and a little over 12% of new users can now get answers to their questions in under a minute.


@fredmann, PRO subscribers receive prompt support via both email and chat.

The community, however, is a a free space for Thunkable users to help one another out. It is somewhere to learn about how the platform works and to get a sense of the types of apps that other creators are coming up with.

PRO subscriptions (which start form $20) grant users access to additional components and to private projects.

Thanks for understanding.

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