[Solved] Where is the Chat Support bubble in Thunkable?

where can i find the chatbot in builder
thanks in advance

me too

dint got it

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you can make your own chat bot with thunkable with the help of web viewers and you can first publish some website that you made with html with the help of netlify and then you can create a project with the website name, in Tidio you can paste your websites url and it will give you a code and after embedding the code in your html republish your website with the html folder in which the html file is and then you get a chatbot in your website and you can webview it.

Hope it helped you

Thanks :grinning: :grinning:

i mean any chatbot in builder i heard
so where it?

@gm_shack what we are asking and what you are saying we are saying that there is a chatbot at the bottom right side corner but it is not visible to us

I don’t think anything like that is there in thunkable maybe @domhnallohanlon will know

The thing might be about dialogflow assistant component

found it on google

Yes, There might be a possibility you could create a chatbot. as far as i know, in assistant by dialog flow, the answers to questions you ask come in the form of an mp3. So if you are talking about a talking chatbot then you can play that sound on a sound component

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see the bottom right corner

i can see it in my other account

same here with me

Hey @eko.devs.apploro & @luv.ak.tech,

All users get a limited time, free trial of chat support when they join Thunkable.

If you want continued access to the support team then this is available to upgrading to PRO.

Check out the Benefits section on your membership page for a full list of upgrades that you get with a PRO account: