Need help in making a chat bot

can anybody help me in making a chatbot in I am not good so I need help
please please please please please please please

Hey @guptasgurgaond - don’t worry, with s bit of practice and patience you’ll be amazed by what you can build on Thunkable.

First question:
Why a chatbot? (Who is this app for and what does it need to be able to chat about?)

it should be able to tell about tourist spots and help in travelling

Hi, @guptasgurgaond :wave::wave:
You can make a chatbot in DialogFlow and integrate it in Tunkable.
You can also make it in thunkable too.

can you help please @roumak-coder

If you’re a Whitehat student, please refer to your docs.

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i am from white hat jr but i want to make it in thunkable not dialogflow @codeswept

Is this homework?

maybe it they come for their project. many people are coming from whitehatjr now . this is not appropriate

Why do you think so?

cuz i guess there are whitehat jr students coming and look for projectshere and take their link and show it to their teachers. i think so

welp even im a whitehatjr student but i dont do like that

no my interest

ok thn us alogia
or dialogflow
if then else


so use if then else and feed data
else use airtable
nd no caps pls

i WANT TO MAKE IT IN THUNKABLE NOT DIALOGFLOW @codeswept @eko.devs.apploroceo

pls dont spam and do wat i say use if hen else

no i thought like that as @codeswept said is this ur h.w
by the way u are rude

well use if and try

thanks and sorry i said you rude