Dialogflow sunsetting in June 2023 Implications

Hi, I want to use Dialog flow in my app, while browsing I found this link Google Assistant  |  Dialogflow ES  |  Google Cloud which says

Will this impact my app in future , is my question. Please help.

You’ll be using gpt-3 instead!

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Ok , thanks @jared for this clarification. Will that transition be automatic in the apps from dialog flow to gpt-3 from backend or as a developer we should use the OPEN AI assistant now itself instead of Dialog flow

I can’t speak for thunkable staff it’s highly unlikely that that will be an automatic switch

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I understand. Is gpt-3 same as Open Ai integration introduced by Thunkable recently? If you have any idea pls suggest. The point is that I want to a make chatbot on a certain topic means to customize it , so trying to find a solution which will stay for long. Thank you so much

I would recommend using the new ChatGPT API from OpenAI.

My question about the source of Thunkable’s OpenAI integration went unanswered:

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Thanks @tatiang for your response. So , there seems to be no resource available on how to use my csv file for the chatbot using ChatGPT like we can do with dialog flow. Is there any other service which I can use to build my customized chatbot in Thunkable.

I see that this section of the documentation describes the ability to customize the chat bot’s responses based on supplied data. I don’t know that that’s possible in the same way with ChatGPT, at least not easily. It definitely can be done but it takes some sophistication about how to prompt ChatGPT.

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This is Diagflow right, yes I have been through this part of the documentation. Thanks a lot for your responses @tatiang I guess I will have to go with Dialogflow it self and wait till June and rework the app once it is sunset. Thanks again.

@cseducator_mindchamp We do not currently have any plans for there to be an automatic switch from Dialogflow to ChatGPT in your projects once Dialogflow is sunset.


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