Please stop giving away paid extensions that you don't own

This is about the Thunkable facebook page.
Lately, I have noticed a couple of people, trying to sell or give away paid extensions without owning the rights to do so.
I won’t mention any names, but i want you to understand what it is that you are doing(besides the fact that it is illegal).

The people making the extensions, work hard and are doing this community a huge favor. If everyone is getting a paid extension for free, then the developers will stop making them. For you, this means that you will loose some options for app development, which means that you have fewer apps to put ads in, which means that you get less revenue.
By giving out paid extensions, you damage the whole community and that means that it damages YOU.

To summerize:
If you give out paid extensions, you will loose revenue.

Please think one more time, before thinking about giving out paid extensions :slight_smile:



I can also give a name of a user who does this, i got the proof. Just suspended him from the AppyBuilder community. He gave bad reviews to my apps a few days ago and bad ratings because he didn’t like the way how i moderate. He is also suspended from Kodular and will, if i get my way, be suspended here.


He is a frequent visitor here. He betrayed himself by using the wrong image for his Google Play account when he gave me bad reviews. I got a screenshot of that. He is using the name of the image for his paypal account also.


Oh…Can you tell us his name?

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I think that, he already reported them to the Thunkable admins :slight_smile: