Please remove auto expanding

Please, please remove the auto expanding feature, it’s now happening even when I duplicate an element (everything below it expands). I cannot understand why was implemented, it makes the user experience more frustrating than any benefit it provides. Goes without saying that toggling between design/blocks should not auto expand every single thing.

Is this a bug?

Hi @somamendbjj,

what is “auto expanding”? Where does it happen?

Hey Michael,

All of the rows/columns

They expand when anything is duplicated or if you toggle back from design/blocks it expands every single one… for seemingly no reason. Why would it not be set to stay the way it is? There is no advantage to auto-expanding from a user perspective

I see, this is annoying.

I would add from my point of view that the position and zoom of the “blocks” screen should stay the same when switching between design and blocks. For me this is also exhausting to always restore the layout of the “blocks” screen.

It should save however you have whatever you’re looking at.

Keep zoom the same, keep expanded/collapsed elements the same.

Also, when collapsing the auto-expanded elements, there is now an auto scroll that brings whatever you clicked on to the top. I don’t think this is necessary either.

I understand that when you’re on a screen and click an element, the left navigation scrolls to what you clicked on. That makes sense, the rest is overkill and more annoying than useful.

I agree. Perhaps if the component is in a collapsed branch, only that branch expands. Add your comments here

I second the block editor staying the same would be nice. I always have to reset my zoom level. Perhaps these are things that could be stored as cookies on my computer!! idk

@Michael_Rogulla I think @Mark may suggest you add your complaint to the github repository. Issues posted on this form are not dealt with as quickly as when they are on the github by posting Here