Bug with scrolling through blocks page

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I have noticed quite an annoying bug / glitch with the blocks page. Whenever there is a relatively large amount of blocks being used, when I try and scroll down the page, the entire blocks page flashes with a completely blank screen. The blocks then show again once I have stopped scrolling. This makes working with large projects very frustrating as I can not see where the blocks are when I am trying to navigate throughout the page. Maybe its an issue on my end. Has anyone else experienced this?


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This is the default behavior of the blocks page since since it was first introduced.

Left click on the screen and select clean up blocks it may help

Be careful with this because there is no undo command for cleaning up the blocks which rearranges them.

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Yes, I do use the clean up blocks feature, however, the bug still persists. It is honestly not a major issue but certainly makes the workflow more annoying. Moreover, an undo command would be immensely useful as I have accidentally deleted or messed up things that I could not restore.

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One way to make it easier for you for large code is to collapse the blocks you use the least and open expand them when you want to use them or check them.

When you delete a block, you can use the undelete option which will show up in the right click menu.

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Yes, collapsing is an option but I personally like seeing the entire code. Oh well, I guess it is a slight caveat that comes with web based languages. Concerning the undo delete button, I was aware of that feature with blocks, however, if I am not mistaken, there is not an undo feature with the design page.

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Yes, you are correct. The design page has no undo feature.

The blocks page does not have an undo feature for when moving or disconnecting blocks either.