Opensource code for thunkable

hi i am wondering is thinkable will make its code open source like mit app inventor did :thinking:

Why would they do it?

let staff answer

Hey @eko.devs.apploroceo, we’re strong believers in the open source movement however there are no plans to open source the core Thunkable platform. We’ve worked incredibly hard for the past 5 years on something that we feel can make a positive impact on the world and at the same time be a viable business that pays things like rent, fees, salaries and taxes. We do have a lot of supporting resources available for free on our Github account and in the past we open sourced some of the code that we developed for Classic.

Outside of Thunkable, many of our engineers are involved in other open source projects too, and even within this community we encourage users to #shareyourprojects with one another. We try to lead by example in this regard too by freely sharing most of the Thunkable projects that we work on ourselves which can be remixed and redistributed completely free of charge.

There are lots of different approaches to developing and distributing software - as a private company we’ve gone with the one that we feel best suits our goals while still allowing us to keep the lights on.

Thanks for your continued support and for you interest in this area!