Download project in code

Hello everyone! I have a suggestion that might come in handy for more advanced thunkable projects. The idea is to be able to dowload a project as a full coded project. This will help to improve certain code parameters while using the powerful tool that thunkable is. At least for me right now, this is the only thing that thunkable is missing to become the “BOOM” as an app development tool. Let me know your thoughts :grin:.

Are you suggesting that there should be an export feature to allow users to download their projects in React Native code?

It’s an interesting idea. It definitely veers from “no code” or “low code”. And I imagine it would reduce Thunkable’s profits. But for some users, it might be a valuable option.

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My objective opinion (as I’m not part of @Thunkable_Staff ) is that I don’t wanna see this kind of transformation ever :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
First of all, we came here for a "no code"platform. If someone needs to dig deeper into code, there’s a lot of other options.
Second: let’s imagine for a bit what will happen after someone will interfere with code behind the “blocks”… “bugs” can appear and this forum won’t be enough for all potential complains, maybe even without support.
3rd - this kind of approach will eventually transform Thunkable in a open source application kind… And myself personally I don’t want to see this happening. I need to have @Thunkable_staff to blame about bugs :rofl: (kidding, I know that you guys are trying your best)
But this is only my opinion.
P.S. I know, topic started about only to download into code form, but this sounds like a 1st step to what I said.