Extract source code

at some point we can extract the source code of our applications that we do in thunkable.

There are times when it is necessary to have the source code of an application at hand, in my case I have not been able to make several application sales because buyers want to buy the code plus the app.

My question is, are there possibilities in the future that thunkable can give you the source code for each app we make?

or that thunkable will release a paid and monthly program, rewarding us that we can extract the source code of each application we make

Since I used thunkable I have been seeing how the platform has been improving and growing, thunkable is growing enormously and one of those functions would be monstrous
I would gladly pay the advance plus monthly maintenance for that feature.

anyway thunkable you gave me a lot of satisfaction.


So it may work (not sure)
Basicly IPA and APK files are .ZIP files
rename the .ipa or .apk to .zip and unzip the file.
And if i am right look for kotlin and there are the scource codes(some may not apear in the kotlin).

Hope that helps

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I really can’t believe I’m going to try :open_mouth:

unfortunately thunkable does not download the ipa file but if apk I will try with android to see

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I just unzipped and in the kotlin folder there are several folders containing files, I don’t know what the source code would be :thinking:

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I feel like we could figure out something here (but it probably won’t involve source code)

What sorts of apps/clients are you working with? Did you consider offering them a service contract?


I just had a similar situation and I asked my client to create an account with Thunkable and I will transfer the project to the account of the client.

Clients ask for code to be able to give it to other developers in case you wouldn’t/couldn’t continue with the client. Having a copy of the project does exactly that.


actually you can decompile your own app and get source in android studio as kotlin… so my frend did for his app and i am telling the idea for it further to youand you can then do whatever witih the code

almost all of them are your source code lload in android studio and u can get it… annotation s,ranges are some in built functions and if u opn in android studio u will get it…
u can see it in other settings in manifest files also i think


Likewise, as muneer says, Clients request code to be able to deliver it to other developers.
generally these types of sales are from companies, with which they want to buy the project to continue improving it with its developers

And that is why I was wondering if one day thunkable will be able to generate the codes for each application we make or if an additional cost is simply paid to be able to access the funete code.

just like Blockly does, as we add blocks to the side it generates the code of what we are doing

and the problem of offering them the project in thunkable so that they continue to improve the app, they reject it by the same developers who do not want :pensive:

That is very interesting, do you have any video or guide that you can share, because if this works you would be giving an incredible solution :smiley:

there are many turorials in youtube you can have a look… actually there are a lot it depends on you whose way u suggest…

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If there are multiple tutorials, I still can’t find how to import to Android Studio, in the same way I will continue until I find. Thanks a lot