Download assets?

is it possible to download assets from a project in thunkable x to my computer?


You can try this: display the image on the canvas, and then generate a URL from the canvas and send it to the email.

Thank you.
But did not work…

Tomorrow I’ll show you my code, which works under iOS.

To retrieve asset files, you can export the project to apk, rename it to zip, and get the files from the assets folder.

Thank You. Very kind!

But I cannot test it, because it is not possible to download apk files.
In former times it worked. What can the problem be?

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It is interesting. You are not the first one to tell me about the impossibility of downloading apk. I do not even know what to say. My download works well.

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I tried the download with several projects. Sometimes it works (then I could test unzipping the apk - and it works!).
But most often the download does not work. It did not work for projects that use webviewer. These projects crash on Android too (with live).
Could that be the reason?

I tried to get apk for the project using WebViewer. This works well for me in the Firefox browser on PC.

Yes it is mysterious. The problem is only with projects that use textfiles (html) as assets.

This sort of project crashes on Android but works well on IOS.
And I cannot download apk (and even cannot copy or share them).

What is the reason?

I’ll see it now

With this it works:


But where is the difference?

Strangely, I add html files to my projects, they work on the Android emulator and I have never encountered the fact that I can not download apk.

Can you see the error log when launching on Android projects that use html files?

It turns out that helloworld.html works, and if you add other html files, it does not work? Do the projects with these files work separately? For example, a project with a line.html separately included in it?

Could it be that project files on the server of thunkable are corrupted?

If so, I can always repeat: We urgently need a backup possibility (download a project to the computer and upload again)!

I came across only this: from the project in any ways it was impossible to delete one image file. At the same time, this project could neither be copied nor created a public link. Check your project. Can you delete all the files from it?

You’re right. The ability to back up information is a necessary and essential component of modern IT. Companies and individuals spend enormous efforts and finances to restore valuable lost information.

For those who are having trouble downloading APK files, what exactly is happening? Are you getting errors in the UI? Are you seeing errors in the browser console? Are you receiving APK files but they are not working? Are there relevant screenshots that you could provide? Is it just silently failing (i.e. you ask for the download but nothing happens)?

Thanks in advance.


@rollke, Perhaps you would like to add a feature request at


This is happening:

In case it’s not clear, this was in response to the desire to be able to download a backup/archive. Based on this thread, another feature request could also be made to allow downloads of assets.