Open AI package doesn't work

I have created an app that gets weather and sends it to GPT-3.5 and gets the response. I a not a beginner. I have entered the API key. It worked on but it gives the result undefined here. ( this key is BRAND NEW )

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@whoocoder how did it work for you?

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Please reply quickly I am trying to publish this app on Google Play

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You don’t need to tell us you are not a beginner. We all struggle with different parts of programming so it’s okay if you aren’t able to get something to work. But… you need to provide more details. This is the description for the “Questions about Thunkable” category where you posted this:

Also, asking another user to reply quickly is considered rude. If you need help immediately, consider paying someone to help you or reaching out to Thunkable Staff during business hours.


@tatiang is very right. Can you Please share a Screenshot of your Blocks so that we can Understand your project working.

You Might be Referring to this project.
I was getting the Response when I entered my OpenAI API key.

Yes @whoocoder I was referring to that project

Hi, @tatiang and @whoocoder for your response but I switched to PaLM 2 API ( because of the 3 requests per minute thingy ) :innocent:

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