AI - Chat Gpt App - Not working - help?

Hi, I followed the CHAT GPT - AI App from the docs that Thunkable has to offer.
It does not seem to work for me. Anyone able to help?

“It does not seem to work” is not enough details to help us figure out what’s not working and why. What happens when you preview it?

Also, is it a private project? I can’t open it but that may be because I’m at my limit for private projects.

It gives the result “Undefined” when I wanted to convert the word “Generate” to an adjective.
(It works with other Models by Other Companies e.g. PaLM 2 But it was not integrated into Thunkable). I think it would be better if we had PaLM Integration.

Hello @2oe511n4a!
Could you please check API usage OpenAI API
This way we will see if the API is called and when it expires.
More information here: OpenAI ChatGPT API KEY not working - #11 by ioannis