AI Service question and where I can get more info


I used the OpenAI ChatGPT Integration - Thunkable Docs
to create the following app. If I type “Mary had a” or “Twinkle twinkle” it does complete it however if I type “Targe” or “Charge” it tries to complete it but runs into problems. My question is, where can I get more reading material on using AI Service in Thunkabkle. Like how to build the back end library. I Googled around no info. I could not share the link to the program. The API key must be the issue(My guess)

What do you mean by it “runs into problems”? Are you getting an error message?

The built in ChatGPT block is very limited. If you want to customize it in any way, you’ll need to use the OpenAI API instead.

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Thanks for getting back to me. I Was on vacation am back again to Thunkable.
It was not an error message but some C# or Java code. Some parts of the back end code was getting dumped. However today when I use the same words “Targe” it produced some reasonable completion
However when I used Charge it gave some random message:
I guess as you said Thunkable and ChatGPT interface is bad. Let me try the Open API and see how it goes. Thanks

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