Can't find OpenAI Service API in Thunkable First Builder Seeking Assistance for ChatGPT Integration

Hi, I’m having trouble finding the OpenAI service in the original builder, which I used to create the app I’m about to launch on playstore/appstore once fully done. I was in the process of adding the last page, which includes ChatGPT, and had finished the design. However, I couldn’t locate the OpenAPI service where I can input my API key.

Could you please direct me to where I can find it? It’s surprising that it wasn’t included in the first builder, especially since it seems to have been abandoned. Many former users rely on this builder so i cant believe it will be abandoned just like that, so I’m hoping you can help me figure this out.

I tried using this forum link (OpenAI ChatGPT Now Available in Thunkable with Our New Integration) and this project link for the new builder (Thunkable), for the setup of chat gpt but since I’m already using the old builder for my project, I couldn’t locate the necessary information.

Your assistance in making this integration possible would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hello @onlineforbusinesm
You can find a project on this post: Open AI ChatGPT