Onesignal Provisionator website not working (F2A error)

I’m trying to set up push notifications for my app and the onesignal provisionator website says my F2A code is always invalid when its not so i cant create a .p12 file for my app. Does anyone know any alternatives or how to fix t?

This is a new one to me @coinpedia,

Can you share a screenshot of the message you are seeing?

We have a how-to in our docs here;

I’ve tried on PC and mobile and I know for sure my F2A code is correct but I get this message each time

Very confusing, but I set up an iPad (originally I just had an iPhone connected to my dev apple ID) and it worked. Before, I was getting the code through messages and that F2A didn’t work but on my iPad I got an Allow dialog and then the code as an alert and not as a message and it worked.

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