[Solved] Does Setting up OneSignal with Apple require an iOS device to get 2fa code?

I think the title explains this as simple as possible.

I am setting up the certificate using the One Signal certificate wizard. How do I get my 2fa codes without having access to iOS device. I have an Apple ID from before getting my Android device, and it still works I am certain.

Any alternatives or do I have to borrow a friends phone or something and sign in to get this code.

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Here is the screen I am greeted with to start OneSignal setup for iOS. I have apple dev account and thunkable pro account, although I do not have an iOS device. Does the code they ask for (shown below) show on an iOS device that I should be signed into?



I can confirm this is 2FA. I found an old iPod in a drawer and it managed to show the pop up to allow device, and gave me a 6 digit auth code.


Glad to hear you managed to solve this!