Offset buttons and columns

I have screen 1 where there is a column that contains buttons and every day in the morning just shift the buttons themselves change sizes. Tell me why it can be?

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Can u Please send screenshot of that or any link just share

Tomorrow morning I will send all the screenshots when the buttons move again.

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Even now, after the page was restarted, it happened. This has never happened before.
That’s how it was

That’s how it became after reloading the site

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Set it’s size correctly

Set height and width fit content

Please send the I will do

How do I send it to you? I just haven’t done it.

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Okay wait

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Just recording my app wait just sending

Is this being done here?

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Now see

How to share a link through thunkable - YouTube

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Got it now share the link

Okay wait i am just seeing it

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It’s showing Error

Did you manage to open the app?

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hey ithink the project is private just make it public