Notifier Equivalent and Searching within List Viewers

Hello - is there a “notifier” (android component) equivalent for iOS - I am trying to use the Web API component to call a URL if certain fields are met - if not I want to show a popup message.

Also, on List Viewers: are search filters enabled in List Views by default? Which blocks do I use to set the display text to whatever a user selects from the list? The android version of Thunkable has a ListVier.Selection option that I cannot seem to find in the iOS version.


Hi there.

We don’t yet have notifiers but thanks for your request. We will add it to our list of feature requests.

The Listview itself does not yet have a search filter enabled but you can select from a list. The block below saves your selected item to a Local Storage database and sets the Button text to that selection.

Hope this helps!
Albert @ Thunkable