[#IWant] List Picker, Clock, Web, Notifier components

Hi @thunkable,

Just in case there’s some maneuvering room in the order in which you implement items for iOS. :slight_smile:


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Hi BillG,

Yes, there is. Out of curiosity, what kinds of apps are you looking to build with these components?


Thanks @albert.

I’m almost finished with a database access timer app in Android (a proof-of-concept), and wanted to do the same in iOS.

  1. Clock: Using the timer blocks.
  2. Web: Using various blocks, including Got Text to signal that the page was received.
  3. List Picker: Using various blocks to choose the timing values.
  4. Notifier: Using the Show Message Dialog to display a possible When Screen Error Occurred.

Maybe that order, if you have a choice.